Thursday, June 9, 2011

A graduation and a wedding!

Anyone remember the movie two weddings and a funeral? Well last weekend my weekend felt a little like that movie! We had my nephews graduation in Columbia (a 2 hour drive from here) and then later that night we had a wedding reception back here in the Lou. We made the drive to Columbia - sat at the graduaiton party with family and had a very late lunch with my darling nephew - he was only 3 or 4 when my hubby and I got married - he was our ring barrer. It is funny to look at him now - he is over 6 foot tall and graduating! Wow how time flies!!!!!! Anyway - this was the card I put together for his graduation party. (PS - my stamp room is still under consturction from the flood - so I am having having a very hard time fining anything. ) This card was easy to create - I grabbed a piece of graduation dp out my scrapbook bag - cut it to the right size, and quickly cut out a grad hat from my locker talk cricut cartridge. Cute - but easy! Of coarse putting a check in it for the grad was probably his favorite - but his mom (my SIL) thought the card was the coolest part of the gift!)

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