Friday, October 10, 2008

Scrapbook pages

I have been missing for a short while due to many reasons, and I am just checking in to the blog for the first time in several days/maybe weeks. As I look over the pics I can see where I left off. I kept meaning to post the scrapbook pages and the paper piecing card from stamp club last month. We have stamp club again next week so I will have those cards to post in a few days. This is the "school" themed scrapbook pages we made at Septembers stamp club. It use some very simple and quick elements to create an adorable 2 page spread which is gender neutral so anyone could use it. Cute huh? I thought so. I also have some school buses that I cut out with my cricut to put on the pages - I just didn't put them in here.


Anonymous said...

Nice SB page...clean, simple and cute!

Latisha said...

really cute
so many different ways to use this!