Friday, November 5, 2010

Soccer Popcorn

Another Popcorn the Bear!!!!!!!! Love him!!! He is football bear - you know like european football. DS had his last soccer game last weekend, and I made this card for his coach Allison. I am so excited to have this new stamp set - and to color it. He is the most fun to color - and I have a whole little collection/obsession going on with these stamps. They are all so cute - I just keep buying them :0)
I am working on finishing up some swap cards and stuff for my TUIC friends, and creating some wedding invitation samples for my friend Tiffany at work - so another busy weekend. Also - tom. is the last football game DD has to cheer at (all day) so I am excited to get my saturdays back! I can't wait to lock myself in my "office" and stamp and scrap the day away.

Love ya!

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