Monday, December 15, 2008

baby Tanner thank you's

Good evening!! I may have not been posting, due to lack of time, computer problems and blah blah blah - but that doesn't mean I haven't been stamping! Every time I go downstairs I tend to do more cleaning and looking for "something" than I do stamping. But I do have a few stamped items to share with my sistahs - as long as my camera can hold its charge!
This first post is a baby thank you card. My cousin K and her adorably funny hubby are expecting a little baby boy any day now! We had a baby shower for K a few weekends back and I didn't get to make the invites, so I took what was going to be the invites and turned them into a thank you pack for K to send out after the shower. These two pics are of the outside of the thank you's.
I got the idea from the STL stampede I attended in the spring - one of the stampers brouight us all the supplies to make a "onzie" baby card - I turned it into this and created them for K.
Cute huh?
Love ya!!

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Whimsey said...

Very cute; love the colors.

now off the subject for a minute...any idea what happened with our SBS10 blog??