Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oct stamp club

I had the most fun getting ready for Stamp Club this month!! I was a little pressed for time b/c it was 3 days before we left for St. Thomas - but I love Halloween, so I was excited to make a simple halloween scrapbook layout for the girls to create. I only get to use my Sizzix ghosts about once a year! The scrapbook layouts are usually pretty simple, just like this one. I think if I have these little pages created already - it will help me get caught back up with my scrapbooking, and the girls in our stamp club feel the same way. I hope to show you some finished scrapbook pages w/ pictures soon, but I haven't printed the pics from my camera yet to get them assembled - that is my goal for the new year - organize and print out the pictures that I am holding hostage in my digital camera!!!
Any ways - I had fun using my ghosts for this page - cute huh?
Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Great halloween pages! and a cute card too!