Sunday, September 21, 2008

thanks Chris!!!

It has been a crazyyyy month so far - do I have a story for you guys. Well to start my camera broke a few weeks ago, and I had to pick out a new one quick b/c DS's birhtday party was quickly approaching. I had to get the birthday invites in the mail for DS's party, and then on top of that I have been working tons of extra ours from home to catch up at work!! In the middle of the chaos was my birthday as well. My Dh took me out to dinner w/ the folks for many Cosmos and some good food I didn't have to make!!! Enough about me and the drama! For my birthday my blogging sistah Chris sent me this fabulous birthday card. I haven't been able to post a pic since I got it b/c I had to learn to use the new camera and stuff!
Tanks Chris!!! My blogging sistahs rock!!
Love ya!


Chris said...

you are most welcome!!

Latisha said...

How sweet of Chris, she is the best!