Thursday, January 3, 2008


New years resolution #1- to organize what I like to call organized chaos in my basement/stamp room. Since finishing my christmas cards, and moving all the toys around down there - it looks like a tornado of paper and ink hit my basement! I didn't take a before picture b/c I was tooooo embarrassed to share how I work! I make a huge mess while stamping and scrapping - and then it takes me days to put everything back! I am hoping now that everything has "a place" that it won't be so hard to quickly clean up when I am done creating!!! Look what I found while cleaning up down there! JK - its my desk - usually there is sooooo much stuff pilled up on it that I have to sit on the floor to have room to stamp and color!
I am almost afraid to sit there - it will get all messy again!

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