Thursday, January 10, 2008

OK - a few more

I know it doesn't seem like much - but this is a huge deal for me! I am so excited to finally be a little organied. These are a few more pics of my little stamping nook! This is my punch drawer. Believe it or not this is organized - I know right where to look for all my punches! It is so much easier to stamp and scrap when I don't have to spend an hour looking for something that I "know" I have somewhere! They used to be scattered all over the basement but now they are all together!

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Michelle said...

Oh, I just LOVE this - you are sooo like me! I just get sooo excited when I organise something, even more so if I find some cute containers that are just the right size/shape. Problem with me is it doesn't stay that way for very long, and soon I'm back to hunting for everything again, 'til the next big tidy up!
Michelle SBS10