Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its here!!!

For christmas my DH got me this beautiful cricket - can you believe it? I didn't even ask for one b/c they are so expensive - but he told me while he was out of town for work/he stayed up late one night watching this cool infomercial on these and thought I would really like them! Isn't he fabulous!!!! I think I will keep him around awhile! Anyway here is a picture of it closed and open. It was delivered last week and all I keep doing is playing with it!!! I had some trouble with the cut outs not cutting all the way through - and DH said stop playing with it and read the direction! Stupid boy - the best way for me to see all the cool stuff this thing could do - I had to play with it! Anyway - I found out there is a pressure dial, and that it has to be set on the highest setting to cut through SU! paper b/c it is so thick. Isn't this the coolest thing ever?!
Love ya!!


Latisha said...

Are you having fun with your cricut? I love mine {when I do use it} especially when I need letters to cut out instead of using letter stickers. I figured out the hard way too...I had to read the directions lol

crazy4mycrafts said...

I have one also. I really have not had alot of time to play with it. But when I do it is fun! Enjoy!

berrybella333 said...

I love your blog too Sistahhhh the crickut how is it me and my bff want to buy one too but they are expensive is it worth it???
Well talk to you soon thanks for seeing my blog