Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday tips and techniques!!

I said I was going to do this - so I better get started. Did you ever look through my gallery, or the splitcoast gallery and wonder - How did they do that? I wanted to answer some of those questions if at all possible. Here's my first tip/technique: Wonder how they get multiple color on a single image stamp? My favorite examples of this would be the alphabet soup and alphabet stew stamp sets, but really it works with all single stamped images -
Steps: Directions:

1) Use a marker to apply color to the stamp. Ink only the part of the stamp you need.
2) Add other colors if desired.
3) "Breathe" onto the inked image to remoisten the ink before stamping onto paper.
1) For a more muted, watercolor look, spray a fine mist of water on the stamp instead of breathing on it.
This seems simple enough - but when I was new to stamping, it always made me wonder -how did they do that?
This sample used the alphabet soup stamp set by SU!, and is directly from their techniques section. I also posted my valentines card for my schmoop back in Feb. Its pink with swirls and hearts background, and hugs and kisses colored in positevly pink, and marvelous magenta markers - then stamped for the husgs and kisses sentiment. Check in next tuesday for embossing directions! If you have a technique you would like to see - leave me a comment and I will post it - if I don't know how to do it I will find out!! Thanks!!

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