Saturday, October 15, 2011

WOW !!!

I am so sorry for such a long absence! Sometimes I think if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all!!! My laptop has had a virus AGAIN !! My husband has been working on stripping every program off - and reinstalling. Through this process I have larned a lot about protecting my files. I have several anti virus programs that run on my computer daily - but this one somehow got through my firewalls! I have definately learned about back up through this process as well. I have TONS of digital memeories stored as jpg files on my laptop - which date back to when I first went digital back in 2005 when my son was just a baby. I was so afraid I was going to lose all my pics! As a scrapbooker - this is terrifiying! I have now purchaswed an external hard drive and have been trying to move all my digital files over to this hard drive - so if my computer completely crashes - I won't lose my kids childhood memories!

I have no cards to post today but I do have a question for my blog friends out there! How do you back up your digital memories? Any scrapbookers out there want to comment and help me out? Is my external drive the best answer? Or is there a better solution?

Love ya!


Karen said...

Heather, you are are on the right track with the external hard drive. It would be devastating to loose your scrapbooks and or your pictures. I have the Clickfree and have my calendar set to remind me once a week to back up.

Lynn McAuley said...

My computer has a CD writer so I store my photos on CDs.

Sorry you have had these issues! I always panic when my computer acts up!

Becky said...

You poor thing. I also have a cd writer and store photos on CDS. Or get memory sticks, they will hold thousands of photos.