Sunday, June 20, 2010

ERPOM challenge #8

Sorry girls! I didn't know we were still doing the ERPOM challenges - since we had merged. Not surprising - I am easily confused :0)

Here we go - have you ever gone to make the perfect card for that someone special - but your card doesn't turn out just right? Are you missing the perfect accent? Or paper? Well then we just have to get creative and make our own! I love to make my own DP - back in the day when I didn't have piles of DP this is exactly what I did. I used my small stamps to make a background paper so I could have "the perfect" background.

My challenge to the group is to create your own Designer paper (DP).

This challenge will run until the 26th (Saturday). The challenge is open to anyone that wants to play along - I have a special prize for any member of ERPOM. For anyone else that wants to play along - I have a little something special for you too - just post me a link to your creation so I can see it. I am still figuring out the linky thing - hope this works!

Please link your card/scrapbook page to the link tool below!

BTW - my sample is in the link below - the "baby Durso" card - scroll down if you want some inspiration!

Our challenge will run from today the 20th through the 26th (I added a couple days to make up for starting the challenge late!) And then I will post the poll!

Thanks for playing!

Love ya!


Dawn Mercedes said...

thanks heather!

Lynn McAuley said...

Thanks for the fun challenge, Heather. Here is my card!

April said...

Woohooo....nice challenge - I must admit that I don't make backgrounds with my stamps very was fun!!

Emkay said...

Great challenge! Thank you.