Sunday, June 15, 2008

DD's thank you's

Ok - I am trying to catch up a little on the blogging between the laundry and cleaning up my house and stamp room. I have been missing for soooo long and I have a lot of cool cards and stuff to post. I will keep typing until my eyes are too tired to focus so keep reading if you can keep up!!! These are the thank yous for the birthday party mentioned earlier. I can't take the credit for them - I saw these a long time ago on Rochelle's website. Her's were birthday invites - but I fell in love with the unique fold, and have had her directions saved for ever!!! I busted out the dirctions for a different project I was working on, and decided they would be perfect for thank you's too! Click here and hopefully you will see Rochelle's fabulous invitations that inspired these thank you's. Thanks Rochelle!!!
Thanks for checking in! Love ya!


Michelle said...

These are very cool! Great job on them - original or not!
Have a great day
Michelle SBS10

Latisha said...

what cute thank you cards...glad to see you back