Wednesday, April 4, 2007

OK I took the bella plunge!

OK girls, after seeing soooooo many cute bella cards on splitcoast I just had to get some bellas. So I went to the website ( and ordered a few. They finally came last week, but I haven't had too much time to play b/c I have been cleaning/organizing my stamping space! I don't have a stamping room - but I do have a closet and some shelves in the basement/family room - which is also the playroom full of toys. But it was getting bad down there- and I had to "organize" b/c it was getting hard to find things! I feel a lot better now - and for the first time last night I used my stamping/scrapbooking desk I got for christmas. Until I cleaned up down there- it was piled high with all kinds of stuff so I had to stamp on the floor. Anyway- its looking good down there!!!! I have also been busy meeting some new friends in a new yahoo group calling bellaholics! While I waited for my bellas to arrive I browsed through there and saw some awesome cards! If you are interested in the bella group go to to sign up!!! I will be posting some samples with my bellas by this weekend!!!!
Love ya!!

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